Interesting Facts About the Classic Story: Heidi

The story Heidi is one of the most popular stories in Switzerland. This story follows a young orphaned girl who is raised in the mountains by her grandfather. This story follows the girl as she grows up and gets involved in a number of different relationships. There are some interesting facts that relate to the story Heidi that many readers do not know.


The author of this book is Johanna Spyri and she herself was born in a small village where she learned the easiest way to make homemade biscuits. She was born in 1827 and lived until the year 1901. This book was first published in 1880 and become a success all over the world. Today there are many children that still read the book and there is even a movie that goes with it.


Heidi is the most popular piece of literature to come out of Switzerland. It has been translated from its original language of German into over 50 languages and there are more than a dozen different movie interpretations that have been made. This book has sold over 50 million copies that were sold all over the world.


In the year 1920, the first film of the book Heidi was made. It was a silent movie and the movie was made and produced in the United States. The first movie with sound of Heidi came out in 1937. This movie was made by Allen Dawn and Shirley Temple played the starring role of Heidi. She was already a famous actress at this time.


The book was once again turned into a movie in 1952. This time the movie was produced by Luigi Comencini and it features Elsbeth Sigmund in the leading role of Heidi. This movie was the most successful Swiss movie to date. The movie even made it to the United States.


This book was so popular that Switzerland set aside an area of land that is called Heidiland. This is one of the most popular areas for tourists to visit in Switzerland. It is very popular with Japanese and Korean tourists and hundreds of them visit this area each year. Maienfeld if the center of this village and it is known for being more of the happiest places in the country.


There are five sequels to the book Heidi. The sequels including adventures Heidi has with her friends, her life when she is all grown up, her life when she has children, and even a book featuring Heidi as a grandmother. These books were not written by Spyri but were adapted from her novels many years after she died.


In some translations of the book, the names of the goats are changed when they are translated into English. In some English versions of this book, the goats are named Little Swan and Little Bear. Other publishers continue to use their German names which are Schwanli and Bereli.


These are some interesting facts about the book Heidi. While this book was written a very long time ago the lesions and the messages in this book are still relevant today. Heidi still continues to be a popular book even to this day.